I don't think I should set my sights on tracking over 10 million players at this point

Over the last three years, 3,525,885 visitors requested nearly 27 million pages from the Lolsummoners domain. We were tracking somewhere north of 10 million ranked players.

To me, that's huge. To have built something that so many people found use of is an accomplishment I can be proud of.

Game Over

Sadly, I think it's time for me to shut the door on Lolsummoners. When I was still playing League, this was a passionate project for me to work on, but I find myself playing League less and less. That, combined with a busier personal life, and newer passions caused me to neglect Lolsummoners.

I don't see myself continuing to maintain it, and I'd rather let it die than leave it in a broken state any longer. And frankly, without the motivation to fix it, I'm just losing money keeping a broken site online. With other options available, there's no real reason to keep it around.

The code is available (and has been available). I originally started writing the latest version (porting from Python) while learning Ruby and Rails, so there's a lot of code that I would probably replace if I were to rewrite it again now.

There's even a branch (was a work-in-progress) using Elixir, since it seems to be what I'm going to be working with in the near future.

Any Devs Out There?

In all honesty, there's still demand that's not being fulfilled. We received emails asking for a leaderboard for team rankings many times over the years, always planning to get to it, but never managing to. But there's no reason there can't or shouldn't be one.

I'm also of the belief that keeping the leaderboard completely updated within a 15 minute period is completely feasible. I'm not sure why no one else is doing a better job at this.

tl;dr History
  1. A suggestion to LoLKing: Ladder Rankings
    • I saw this post on reddit, and thought that there was no reason I couldn't do that myself rather than waiting for some company to do it. /u/mastergberry saw my posts and wanted to help.
    • We used Jabe's library to scrape the information, starting with a single ranked player, pulling match history information, and finding additional ranked players that way. This is still a decent way to find players today. Match history, not the library - use the API, duh.
    • We tossed up a single page PHP app, backed by AWS, to display the information.
  2. [NA] Fairly Accurate SoloQ Ladder
    • The response was very positive.
    • /u/mastergberry would eventually rewrite the web app in Python, while I maintained the updater.
    • The databases fluctuated from MySQL, to MongoDB, and finally to Postgres with Redis.
  3. /u/mastergberry departs
  4. At this point, I rewrote the site in Ruby/Rails as it was what I was learning at the time, brought in Redis for handling our rankings, and used Pusher for better communication during searches.

That about sums it up.

If anybody wants to chat about this stuff, or plans on working on something of their own, I'm happy to help.
Find me on reddit or twitter, or in-game NA (rarely) as Peak/Pentakill.